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Retirement planning covers topics such as how much superannuation is enough, taking a super pension, claiming the Age Pension, making superannuation contributions while receiving a pension from a super fund, estate planning and looking after your family.

If you're keen to implement a strategy so that you can continue to maintain or have a better the lifestyle you currently have throughout your retirement - you've come to the right place.

Here you will find information on how you can plan for a worry-free, income rich retirement.

Do you know exactly how much money you need to maintain your lifestyle when you retire?

The aim of the game is not to retire with the amount of money that the government believes is “comfortable”. You have worked hard for the lifestyle you have and with proper planning you should be able to retire with the same. This is the aim of the retirement planning game.

Are you worried that you may not have enough in super when you retire?

Don’t know why your super is not growing fast enough? Frustrated that your paying too much in fees for lack lustre performance? Once you have the right superannuation strategy in place you will feel empowered that your accumulating wealth in the most efficient way possible so you can retire the way you want.

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