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The Hype Continues: Our Robo Advice Startup Story

‘Robo Advice’ is the darling buzzword for the wealth management industry. Read about how we launched a robo-platform in 10 weeks and why we decided to wind down shortly later. This is the only time you will get the honest truth on ‘robo-advice’ as we were once on the inside. We hope this article helps other robo-advice startups learn how to create a truly innovate financial management product.


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Over the past 3 years we have been carefully creating and curating blog articles on all things financial. While we may not be around, the articles are still valuable so feel free to have a read. They are factual in nature so if you require personalised advise for your particular matter you can connect with a specialist from our database.

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ProAdviser was started as a financial adviser directory where we connected over 500+ Australian consumers to wealth professionals around Australia. As 21 year old technologists, we were proud of what we had created, however we were not able to scale the service as required. The application still exists and our list of wealth professionals are still active. If you need personalised financial advice, feel free to connect with someone from our database using the below link.

Are You A Financial Advice Practice?

In the coming 12-24 months we believe every major player in the financial services industry will have a robo-advice offering. While the big firms have the financial and technological resources to develop robo-advice technology, we will still continue to power the IFA market with robo-advice software. Our software can be white labelled to any firm in a matter of days for less than the cost of  one client. Give it a try below, and if you like what see, contact us for an installation guide.